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Why Heff's

Why choose Heff's Burgers for your business? • To start, we have been voted "Best Burger" in Abilene since 2010 by the Readers Choice. After less than one year of being open, we were also voted "Best Burger" in San Angelo in 2015 by Readers Choice. • We serve great burgers and we keep our operations simple. We are obsessed in delivering a memorable guest experience that keeps them coming back. • We care about the success of our Franchisee. Our Franchisee Agreement is for 20 years and our royalties are only 4%. We know if you can't make money; you won't be focused on the guest experience. (Over 20 years with 5% royalty at an average on $1M annually that saves a franchisee $200,000. That's a $400,000 savings against a 6% royalty that some others charge.) • Our support System is focused on creating a model in which the franchisee has maximum profit potential. How do we support our Franchisees? • We start with a sophisticated site selection process. We have partnered with a National site selection company as one of 5 criteria in determining the right site in your designated territory. • We require a 4 week training program for each operator to ensure proper knowledge to execute your restaurant as well as protect our brand. • We are on site with certified training team during your entire opening process to ensure you are prepared to deliver a Heff's experience for ongoing operations. • You are assigned a Restaurant Advistor upon the signing of your Franchise Agreement to assist you with ongoing action plans to improve your business and operations. • Our Support Team provides quarterly development seminars for single and multi-unit operators to help you execute the best business possible.